Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your Mama isn't always the one that gives birth to you...

One of the things that I find hard to understand is how people can put so much emphasis on birth, biology and DNA. Love doesn't have any connection to these things at all. Love is just something that happens. Quite often you don't even realize it until one day you see that special person and know, for whatever reason, you just love them- alot.

As this project began, I started jotting down little thoughts about a Mama and what's important to a child. Whether the one you call Mama gave birth to you or you inherited her by marriage or adoption, or whether you just have a connection with a special lady and call her Mama, you are blessed. The Gift is a story about just that sort of blessing.

A Mama isn't just someone that gives birth to you.

She's someone that sits with you when you're sick, and doesn't mind.

She's the one who bakes cookies late into the night, when you forgot to tell her earlier.

She will clap louder than anyone at your piano recital.

She reads your favorite book to you over and over. And over.

She really listens to you when you need to talk and when you're scared she

makes you feel safe.

She teaches you to be polite and chew with your mouth closed.

She's the last person you see when she kisses you goodnight, and the first person

you want to see in the morning.

You know in your heart that she's your Mother, your Mom, your Mama.

She is your gift and you are hers. Sometimes biology just isn't so important after all.

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Anonymous said...

what a great story!