Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Read MY book to me

"Read my book to me, Kaka." Fresh from a bath and smelling of baby lotion, Baby Boy has crawled into bed with Dogdog and his newly acquired companion, another stuffed dog he calls Snuggle Buddy. This has become a ritual at our house. While he and I sometimes alternate between One Fish, Two Fish or Happy Birthday Jesus, we always read his book as well.

Baby Boy knows he is adopted and is ok with that. He knows his new sister, Cutey Pie has a different Da from he and Baby Girl, and he is ok with that. He doesn't know any other mother than Nice Lady, and those of us that love the Family are ok with that. When he is a little older, Nice Lady and Da can tell Baby Boy all about his other Mama and how much she loved and wanted him. Baby Boy is only four. We have plenty of time...

So, I create a little diversion using silly conversation, as I flip past the first few pages until I reach the part where Baby Boy comes to live with the Family. "Stop Kaka," he laughs, "It's me! I'm here, I'm here!" He let's me read a few pages and then insists, "Let me read, Kaka". Naturally, he knows the story by heart. He points at Nanni-K and possessively calls her by name, "Look Kaka, there's my Nanni-K." I smile, cuddling a little closer as he continues."Yes baby, there's your Nanni-K," I reply. He likes the page where Sister Dear and Baby Girl are feeding him-it's a real awwwwww moment. He makes me laugh, giggling and pointing to his green blankey and his Dogdog, and especially the page where Cutey Pie and Baby Girl are playing dress up and he is wearing his Da's shoes. Baby Boy can make up a whole new storyline about the page where Ms. Pat takes he and Baby Girl to the playground.

Reaching the last page, the one with Nice Lady, Baby Girl, Cutey Pie and himself all wrapped up together in a big chair, he sighs and looks up at me. His little finger points at Nice Lady and says, "That's my Mama." "Yes baby," I say,"that's your Mama."

It just confirms what I've said all along- sometimes biology just isn't so important after all.

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Denise Hall said...

What a wonderfully sweet book about a family’s love for a child, the heart aches of life, and how love will overcome the obstacles that are thrown at them. Baby boy is a loving gift from God at a time when it is most needed. When God closes a door he always opens a window somewhere. That window is Baby Boy, the love... of friends and family. I picked up the book for the Henry Co. Pregnancy Resource Center Baby Shower that was given by Bethany Baptist Church (my church) this past weekend. Feeling bad, that I had not read my other sister’s book. I decided to sit right there in the Ingles parking lot and read it. By the end of the story I was wiping sweet tears from my eyes along with my make-up.